Monday, April 28, 2008

A good rap verse

The second verse of this rap song is extremely good. It is cold knowledgeable and knowledgeably written. Knowledge is a dish best served cold.

Time's Up - Kardinal Offishal feat. Bishop Lamont and Lindo P

Who's ever platinum/On the Vibe cover
Study they album/Till they got your style covered
Ride producers dicks/I need they phone number
Who got the latest hit I need the same track from ya

That's why the shit all sounds the same
Look at the tracklist/Same producer's names
No variety/No risk taking
That's why they downloading/Nah, fuck paying

I recently noticed this Bishop Lamont verse that had been hiding towards the end of the (really good) Do the Right Thing themed Kardinal mixtape Clinton Sparks put out last summer. That tape is still the shit and it means summer like crazy. Kardinal's verse is also pretty good and somebody I've never head of does his raggamuffin thing at the end, which I'm a sucker for. He's not too excited about chi chi mons but are any of those pussyclot homophobes? It's a shame they sound so rad.


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