Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Alternative Indieground Distro-uction

I usually try to wait at least a week after I read something off the Fader blog to post my take or whatever, but this nugget tickled me just right.

Seems like States Rights Records are putting out their first "unofficial street mixtape". It's downloadable for five bones and they are podcasting it free in two installments. It's not like I've actually heard it or anything, but content-wise it seems like maybe some hipster carpetbagger kinda shit, maybe not really too exciting. Who knows with kids these days, thats almost beside the point.

What is the point, at least in my view, and what got me going about the release is the acknowledged cross-over in aesthetics between the mixtape circuit and independently released and distributed music of other genres (genres mostly enjoyed by whitey). Both are hyper-regional, work outside of the dominant power structure present in the music biz and sound H3LLA RAW. Both distribution networks make it a point to politicize the way they conduct business and in doing so make purchasing product from them an oppositional act (albeit a small one that still upholds the oppressive system of capital that enslaves us all, mind body and soul ;) ).

I've been thinking a lot about this connection over the past two years and putting in work on my Essential Slime tapes, but I'm just one man. It's exciting to me to see more visible labels in hip towns putting out "mixtapes" (despite their suspected cornyness) and using new, internet-centric distribution models for that product. What would REALLY be exciting considering how much common ground the two scenes share, is a direct crossover from one to the other. I want a limited edition Killer Mike picture disc with hand-screened covers. I just read (again in the Fader) that my man is looking for a "white audience" to help him reach that next peak on sales mountain. Duuuuuuuuuude, I'm right here.


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