Sunday, April 13, 2008

The Loops+NOlympia breakdown

Fancy D's "The Loops" is the best thing I've ever found in a Sonic Youth case. I offer it to you now unedited and in full. Fancy has fully registered his content with the people over at iTunes and it is very easy to rip burned CDR's of his work onto your home computer when you find them in the center console of your friends car. As far as I'm aware this is the only distribution system yet in place for this milestone in human expression. Fancy, if you are out there and don't like me BLegging yr shit just hit me up. You shouldn't even be sweating it because I want to pay you a million dollars for making these jams.

I'm Foolish
Shaq Now
And I
I Want You To Knoooow
Ooo Yeeah <--- if you are only gonna get one is these this should b da 1 Family Ties
Who Who Who

In other news, this weekend was truly one for shows in the greater Olympia area.
On friday night Andy and my noise combo, DMX II, was on some room clearing shit at a benefit for the Olympia Anarchist book fair (which I believe is going down this weekend at the Eagles Hall downtown). Our crew held it down but pretty much everyone else there was not into it whatsoever. It was cool though, these things happen and everyone kept it respectful.

Saturday morning brought temps in the 80's, short shorts and beach parties. Needless to say it was super metal and got us all in the mood for Thrones and Wolves in the damn Throne Room once the sun went down. The show was held at the hall of the woods, a converted eagles hall in the middle of the forest and a personal fav spot of mine in town.

Sunday was super crazy and some of the most fun I've had in a minute. Yellow Swans and Sissy Spacek came through my basement and shared a bill with the Oly Noise Allstars, DJ Floortom, MIDWIFE! and the Dead White. You certainly wouldn't expected it from all the shreddoggs that played, but many many attendees made comments to me regarding the "chillness" of the atmosphere and the overall sweet vibes emanating from just about everyone in the room. Everyone was super respectful of the crib and there was hardly even a bunch of beer cans to clean up.

I was most proud of Olympia, Washington when a full on dance party took place while Yellow Swans and John Wiese set up their mountain of gear. John Wiese is getting all like pissed off at his Max MSP rig and fogging his glasses and shit and there are fifty drunk, stoked, sweating kids shaking their asses and crowding the shit out of him, MANY OF WHOM WERE GIRLS. I challenge any city in Amerika to get that going, real talk. Surreal talk.


Blogger Alex said...

harsh burn on the youth there, but it's balanced out by the coining of "surreal talk." keepin us loyal readers on our toes!

10:41 AM  
Blogger AnaRacecar said...

It wasn't really meant as a burn, per say, I just think that in most "cool" cities and towns people wouldn't be into getting down like that waiting for a noise band to play. Olympia is ready to party and harsh out at the drop of a hat.

2:40 PM  

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