Friday, March 14, 2008

Does Anyone Remember

This guy? The Hammerhead Beat Machine. The Hammerhead Beat Machine is the program you can for free download when you type "beat machine" into when you are fifteen. It is sick. There's beats on there. Ignore the haters on the board, Hammerhead is real talk.

I was reminded of Hammerhead thanks to Jono's diligent archiving. He recently upped both of the Kid Presentable albums (40 minutes long) as well as most of his Meat Machine jams to the music page on his blog. Down at the bottom you'll also find the entire output of Heartsmacky, the band we made when we decided to get down with some computers for the first time. Most of the jams hold up pretty well and you can guess what sick beat machine all the rhythms were composed on. Heartsmacky is rad to me because it's pretty crazy sounding, but dates back to a time when I thought I wasn't very interested in getting crazy with my music. Pulled a little sike on myself there, maybe even a super sike.