Sunday, December 17, 2006

It's the Brooklyn Way

The Bikes in the Kitchen clique looks way legit (despite the fact that their name is beyond silly), I'm pissed that I wasn't on the ball enough to catch Aa last night. I have tons of respect for peeps doing DIY shows and events in New York cuz it's so damn expensive and cash rules pretty much everything around. Chill house party type shit like this (and of course Todd P) circumvent the whole rock club gentrified ass wackness that is pretty much the standard in Manhattan (ABC's aside) and just keep it rilly real.

I also peeped the art at 11 Spring Street today and it was beyond crazy in a whole bunch of ways. First of all, every piece was right on point with style to spare. Pics to follow once the crew uploads um. The amount of people trying to get in also added to the crazed vibe quite a bit. Apperently The Times gave the event a chi chi write up and ain't nothing get the yuppies off their leather couches like some "underground" shit in a big ass newspaper. They were pretty tame though and looking right in some cases. But I digress, the stuff that actually matters (the art) was outstanding and no amount of yupster bullshit could touch it. Kinda ironic that the same people that were fawning over the anarchist wheat pastings are prolly gonna move into the upscale condos that are replacing the art space. New York neighborhoods are fucked like that sometimes.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Pure Rage

Just found this burried in Goldy's site.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

If They Took Pictures of the Inside of My Brain

The guy holding elmo used to be in Black Dice and way used to be in the Bolt. I know I was just getting all nostalgic for the east side and the cool concerts I've missed and am going to miss, but that was before I figured out that the other guy is playing in Portland with Ghostface Killah and Redman. Deeeeeeg.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006


Steven Colboert might just be funnier than Jon Stewart. He also played John Zorn on national TV in this clip, that's pretty rad.