Tuesday, October 16, 2007

That new newness

Ecstatic Sunshine - Anagram

Off the just released, limited ass edition, green vinyl and shit Ecstatic Sunshine EP, which you can snag for yrself here (along with pretty much the rest of the good, non-booty bass based music coming outta Baltimore these days).

If you do end up with the disc in your little paws don't expect anything super tight. The new tunes are some smoked out delay pedal jams clocking in around the 6 to 7 minute mark. I'm not trippin though, I know from personal experience that it's pretty revelatory when you cop that first DD-6.

PS- On the off OFF chance that someone from the ES or Wildfire camp spots this and wants me to take it down of course I will. I know this is fresh on the block and you might be trying to squeeze some $$$ out of it before it gets completely swallowed up by the internets.


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