Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Type Seriousness

A much larger post with tons of video and sound is on the way but for now what I got is links. Shit is HYPER linked though, son, so don't get it twisted up.

Chow Bros have a new scorcher on their m-space that totally knocks. Hopefully that and much more will make up their half of the upcoming Chow Brothers/whatever band I'm in that's I guess not called Americop at this point split CD DVD. Check here or the Reznor fam m-space for info and tracks. I'm really hoping this shit goes down this summer and hopefully by posting something about it on here it'll make me all the more determined. This summer is basically the last time all the members of these bands with be in the same place at the same time so it might be nice to make a bunch of CD's for the future.

You can now BUY EVERTHING on Tony's label page (AKA superbuttons AKA str8 outta Oly fresh) and soon you'll even be able to buy copies of my album on there. You'll also be able to download the entire thing 4 FREE if that's yr bag as well as check out all the other hot shit Tony has going on. Much more on that later, but if you're interested in an entirely new Anaracecar full length get at me cuz I gotum.

Logan's blog is really like, not a game and shit. Same goes for the homie's youtube page.

Rough Touching is also back up and that's mad tough.

There's more but that's already a brainful. Take a second to get familiar with these bad boys and then we can talk about how really serious it's about to get.


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