Friday, August 03, 2007

Comunique from Jon

via the Americop myspace:

"Goodbye Americop:
Hello CaveNewts! Dont like the name? Shut up. Anyway- americop (in the current form of Guy, Jon, Jon, and Logan) has changed names due to Country Allegiances of some members. We will now be brooding under the name Cavenewts and our myspace shall reflect that ( Bash our new name at the myspace (but ya gotta friend us first)! We have a full set / album ready to go. It just hasnt been played or recorded yet. But fuck- it sounds insanely good. So long noise, hello tamed chaos from hell with the beats your family could adore and love. So- go there, do it up, we are gonna play some shows soon. Album hopefully out asap. We do love you guys all.
Cave Newts (ex Americop)"

So yeah, Cave Newts is the new spot and we will be playing the Silent Barn in Brooklyn on August 14th. I know it's a Tuesday but if you're cool enough to like this band you probably don't have something as square a job. Either way it's the fucking summer, you gotta suck that lemon while it's yellow. Or something like that. I've got the crazy ha-ha's here at NJ Books.

The Newts should also have a split with the Chow Bros out by the end of summer, but you already know. Everything ever brought to you with love by Reznor Rekkids.


Blogger Hunto said...

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11:03 PM  
Blogger Hunto said...

you mean the newt's of cave. Or at least thats what the silent barn thinks on myspace

11:04 PM  
Anonymous rebecca said...

please put up some mp3s! myspace is annoying... if it weren't for reznor & little sibling stalkage, i'd never login again. i could hook you up with web space if thats the problem...

2:29 PM  

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