Tuesday, October 23, 2007


Oh maaaaaaaaaaaaan, this is a bummer. Right when my version of Kid Pix conked out too.

Industry funded paramilitary cells hellbent on damming the tidal wave of internet distribution can fuck themselves with a spiked dildo. For real, who do these guys think they are kidding anymore? Shutting down sites like Oink and TV Links is a momentary annoyance, sure, but in the long run serves only to widen the culture gap between kids and suits. If you're trying to sell a bunch of shit to Teen Q Public it's probably not a good idea to put a metaphysical hit on his preferred method of media consumption. If the music industry had half a brain they would hire me (or one of my generational counterparts) to revamp their whole operation from the bottom up.

What they need to do is start offering free content on their sites, sell ads at the top (and bottom and sides and in between new pages and popping up on your screen like all the time), use that hype to promote their artists LIVE SHOWS (plus other revenue generating side hustles) and get busy in the future. They won't even have to stop selling actual products. As revolutionary as the Internet is, it isn't gonna bust open Amerikkka's brain hard enough to break our addiction to shiny, plastic packaging. If record companies just gave up on having a monopoly on the actual content of their artists releases and starting aggressively pushing "collectors", "super special", "mad extra art and sparkle", "you can't bootleg this on the internet because its an ornate physical object" type products on the marketplace I'd be willing to bet that it'd stick. They could even charge WAY MORE for it than the price of a CD because, like, it's way BIGGER, dude. And if we wanna cut the cynicism for a second, that could actually create some new avenues for artists (who are into, you know, selling their mortal souls) to get their work out there in the world. So goons, I implore you, let the content run wild and free on the web and get the fetish object geeks hooked on something new and even more expensive.

But actually, scratch that. What blood-sucking record fucks should do is kill themselves and let real art really flourish.


Blogger Pushermania said...

tv-links getting shut down hurt me more. I dont even watch much tv but that site was about to enable me to see so much shit i have missed over the years, namely all the docs. I feel you on this one right here.

6:47 AM  
Blogger AnaRacecar said...

Yeah they were both great. Good thing is the pigs can't really do shit to stop new, better ones from being set up, so we're good in the long run I guess.

10:11 AM  

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