Monday, March 19, 2007

Happy Birthday Opperation Iraqi Freedom!!

Four sick years today bros, woooo! Now lets just stay the course and make sure those brown people are free as fuck by the end of this shit.

Seriously folks, aside from being the catalyst for some gnarly Kid Presentable songs, what has the Iraq War done for us lately? Or for that matter, ever? As loyal readers know I don't really play the serious card too often and on this blog (not to mention the fact that people far more articulate than I are chomping at the bit to tell you what an illegal, mismanaged, unwinable, depressing, never ending, bloodsucking crock of bullshit the war is) but I didn't want this day to go unrecorded on my little section of the universe.

The war used to make me righteously angry and now it just makes me sad. I'd normally attribute that to the natural mellowing any post-pubescent punk kid experiences but I think there is more there. The Bush administration has consistently proven they are unwilling to make a good decision at any point in this whole fucked up enterprise and that's the kind of shit that'll get to you after a while. We'll be lucky if we get out of this with a civil war going in Iraq and some American boys still intact. That doesn't make me wanna smash the state, it just makes me want a hug.


Blogger Jono Davis said...

Way to feel. I hope you can find enough time between crying into a pillow and sympathizing with enemy combatants to do your daily Pledge of Allegiance.

Seriously though, wtfwar?

Have you seen this flags installation?
I'll be helping to install a set of thousands upon thousands of flags on the CSU Chico campus in about a month.

1:45 AM  

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