Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Fokkks News is shocked that God isn't real

The Blasphemy Challenge is pretty much just a publicity stunt for an uninspired looking DVD but it's responsible for a bunch of real gnarly youtube vids that are worth browsing. Bunch of high school girls with patches sticking it to their moms and former crack whores answering back, all in the name of G O D. This is the funniest one though, nothing tops these fucks. If this guy thinks christians have some kinda edge on the court there is certain Gwar video he should really see.


Blogger Jono Davis said...

I was sort of surprised by how much of an opportunity for defense the guest was given, normally the Fox talking heads don't give anywhere near as much room for valid debate. Though I do wish that in response to the question "why are you out there going after these kids?" Mr. Flemming would have responded with "why are evangelicals out there going after the kids?" Oh right, because God is on their side. I'm going to submit my blaspheming ass to his site. See you in hell Guy!

"There are people of faith out there doing amazing things..." like praying for cures to diseases. Let's see a scientist beat that!

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