Monday, January 08, 2007

Newness (kinda)

Anaracecar - Screaminyellin

This track isn't actually that new but I'd pretty much forgotten about it. I'm not really too happy with the mix but that shit happens. I actually found the original four track tape in my car when I was back in Jersey, so it might just be on when that shit comes in the mail. Buncha cool stuff on that tape, I'll keep you posted.

Dipole Dipole - Green Jello Thunder

The jam of the century. This is the first Dipole Dipole track we recorded and I'm thinking also the first song that we wrote after Derek joined. Hopefully this and the rest of the tracks off another four track tape made in Logan's attic last winter will see the light of day sometime soon. Both these tracks could use some editing but what are you gonna do? No shame in repeating the same riff for a couple minutes.


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