Tuesday, October 31, 2006

What the Freak?

This has gotta be unconstitutional or something. Shit better not catch on in the jerz.

In more positive news, two albums came out this week (or recently at least, truthfully I don't really know when the fuck they came out) that I might actually go to my local record store and COP. As in throw down some bones on a real CD. I'm kind of getting fed up with the quality of your average mp3 and I'm really excited to hear these new joints.

First, the Boris and Sunn0))) colabo is a real cool idea in theory that I'm curious to hear executed. Two bands working together on making music and blending their styles is a much more interesting idea than another split. I also just saw Boris fuck shit up in a live setting so I'm particularly susceptible to their ways. But as sick as that album could be it's not really doing it for me like...

New Animal Collective shit!
Oh boy.


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